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Chef Bob’s Helpful Tips for Thanksgiving Prep

Chef Bob








  • Pre-cut, measure and prepare as many ingredients in advance of the big day.
  • Pick out your serving dishes, utensils and platters by at least the day before.  Label with post-it notes to remember what is going where.
  • Set your table the night before or very early in the morning.  It will save you time when putting your finishing touches on the meal.
  • Need to follow a recipe?  Use painter’s tape to affix your recipe in easy view on one of your cabinet doors.  It will leave your valuable countertop space free.
  • Brining?  Use a cooler filled with plenty of ice.  You won’t have to clean out your fridge for extra room for your bird.
  • Keep some easy non-kitchen tasks for those guests who insist on “helping”… filling water glasses, opening wine bottles, transferring finished items to serving dishes, etc  This allows them to help, but stay out of your way.  😉
  • Use a crock pot as a hot holding dish.
  • Carve your dark meat first; white meat tends to dry out more quickly.
  • Overcooked your bird and it’s dry?  Pour hot chicken broth or stock over the sliced meat prior to serving.  Juiciness restored!
  • And, most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your meal with family and friends.  Happy Thanksgiving!