At Georges Farmers Market® we believe the old adage “you are what you eat”. That’s why we raise our chickens naturally, with no antibiotics, no hormones, no animal by-products, no Genetically Modified grains and in comfortable, low-stress environments. You’ll taste the difference!

Do the Benefits of the Forester Advantage Really Matter?

See exactly how with each of our claims below.

Raised with Non GMO Grains

You asked for it, and we listened. We took your concerns about what we feed our chickens seriously, and over the next year, we are making a total switch to make the feed for our chickens sold at retail from 100% locally sourced and non genetically engineered/non genetically modified (Non- GMO) grains. Because when it comes to what you eat and especially what you serve to your family, we agree that YOU should be able to CHOOSE what’s best for you.


Raised with No Antibiotics – EVER

A growing body of evidence suggests adding antibiotics to livestock feed contributes to antibiotic resistance and decreases the effectiveness of antibiotics for humans and animals alike. While the USDA does monitor antibiotic residue in chicken to ensure any remaining residue does not exceed their threshold, we believe the healthiest option is to not feed Georges Farmers Market® chicken any antibiotics – ever.

Never Fed Animal By-Products

Georges Farmers Market® chickens eat a healthy diet of natural grains, vitamins and minerals that provides a purer protein for your family. While it may be cheaper for some producers to feed their chickens animal skin, fat and “mystery parts”, it probably isn’t the healthiest decision. When you eat Georges Farmers Market®, you can be confident that what our chickens eat contains ingredients you’d proudly serve at your dinner table.

No Added Hormones or Steroids

Evidence also suggests that consuming certain hormones can increase the likelihood of developing some cancers or can cause early-onset puberty, which increases the risk factor for certain cancers. With Georges Farmers Market® chicken, you can be certain there are no added hormones or steroids.

American Humane Certified™

We take great care in how we raise and process our chickens and think it makes a huge difference in the tenderness and flavor of the finished product. We contract with local, Arkansas-area farmers to raise our chickens to our exact specifications. Additionally, our chickens are hatched, raised and slaughtered in accordance with the standards to be American Humane Certified™, a distinction many companies can’t boast. We take great care because we never forget that our chicken is your family’s food!

All Natural

Georges Farmers Market® chicken is 100% all natural. We believe you should consume only what nature intended. There are no added chemicals, hormones or artificial ingredients in the Georges Farmers Market™ chicken you bring home to your family.


We believe a low-stress environment results in healthier, tastier chicken. That’s why all of our chickens are raised at local family farms where they freely roam their barn. Our farmers must pass the rigorous third-party audits and animal welfare certification standards because key to living our philosophy is keeping flocks healthy. With clean houses, fresh water available at all times, healthy ventilation, a steady stream of natural nutrients, lighting to mimic the natural environment and climate controls (complete with a backup generator), we’ve found it’s not necessary to medicate our flocks to keep them healthy or grow. Our barns provide a top-of-the line home where our chickens can comfortably do as chickens do—flock together.

It DOES Matter!

We believe natural diets free of antibiotics, animal by-products and hormones, together with humane treatment, results in healthier food for your family. It’s also the right thing to do for animals, people and the environment alike. We rest comfortably knowing our flocks are healthy and nutritious while helping farmers continue their legacy of sustainability, putting back in only what nature created. We accomplish this by ensuring Georges Farmers Market® chicken is diligently cared for from our farm to your home—helping you care for your family.