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Affordable for Working Families

Butcher shop quality, non-GMO, grain fed, and a great source of protein

Hear from our farmers why you can taste the difference in our locally sourced chicken.

Georges Farmers Market®

We combine the values of generations past while utilizing the progress of science and the efficiency of modern technologies. We identify the best qualities of each, letting you serve it at your family’s dinner table while doing our part to leave the world better than we found it.

What We're About

We raise our chickens with no antibiotics, no hormones or steroids, no animal by-products, and non-genetically modified grains.

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A Difference You Can Taste

Fresh & Delicious Recipes

I have tried just about every brand of chicken tenders, and Georges Farmers Market's are the best. No comparison. They are consistently tender and fresh tasting.

Lindy B.

Happened on to this brand at a local supermarket when it was on sale. Oh my gosh! It tasted like the chicken I remember as a child! We love the boneless, skinless thighs.

Monna L.

Thank you Georges Farmers Market! It is so important to have our food raised and processed the way you have and we appreciate you care for your family as well as ours.

Lisa W.

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